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Poethead Blog by Christine Murray

Im honoured to be on the Index of Women poets a great variety of writers run by Christine Murray.

Article by Italian translater and editor of Social Centre for Art Federica Galetto

Poetry and Photography Aine draw heavily from Celtic culture and the Irish landscape surrounding the artist. Writers such as Seamus Heaney, Rumi, Basho, John Montague are his sources of inspiration ~ read more at :

Review by Jeffrey Side.

Review date: 7/24/2008 

Jeffrey Sides  Editor of Argotist online, his review of my book, Where the Three Rivers Meet, has been published, to view click the link, thanks, Aine.


Short listed.

 Short listed for 'The Brian Moore' short story contesr 2003.

My poem on The Sperrins poster

Thanks to creative designer Oonagh Moore of Lotus Graphic Designs in Omagh


Making Art By Ulster’s Sperrins: Q&A With Aine MacAodha

Maryann Tracy from The  Wildgeese blog doing Q&A with me. The link is below, Slainte Aine.





Review by editor Ami Kaye of Pirene's Fountain.

Aine was born in 1963 the small town of Omagh.  She started writing poetry early in her childhood, finding something compelling between the covers of her mother’s collection of old ballad books. Besides her love of writing poetry, Aine is a founding member of Omagh’s writing group, "The Busheaneys". She also belongs to the Irish Haiku Society, and was awarded The Tyrone Guthrie bursary from Omagh District council. Read on:



I had the honour of being a guest on Words On Top radio show hosted by Frank Hanover, at 3pm today at Cork Radio UCC 98.3 fm. 
He was a great host and put my nerves at bay.
I read a few of my poems from both collections, had a great relaxed chat about all things poetry and punk!


I had the honor of being a guest on 'Words on Top' radio show hosted by Frank Hanover, 3pm at Cork Radio UCC 98.3Fm.

He was a great host and put my nerves at bay. I read a few of my poems from both collections, had a relaxed chat about all things poetry and punk! 

He was a great host and put my nerves at bay.
I read a few of my poems from both collections, had a great relaxed chat about all things poetry and punk!




                                       Book Reviews


Omagh Poet explores Irelands Mythology and Tyrones Beauty' by Ronin McSherry Ulster Herald

Described by one reviewer as "The Fire Of the Gaels" Omagh bard Aine MacAodha has a facination and love of Ireland's ancient history and celtic traditions that inspire her writing. The terminology 'Bard' seems particulary appropriate to Aine as bards formed a professional hereditary chaste of highly trained learned poets of medieval and early modern Ireland. They were steeped in the history and tradition of clan and country and they became the main carriers of poetic tradition in Gaelic portions of Ireland.

Aine has compiled a collection of her poems in a booklet titled, "Where the Three Rivers Meet." Her work is intuitively connected to the rich Irish poetic tradition. Her poems are laden with references and imagery that evoke the ethos of Ireland's history and celtic tradition, many inspired by her native Tyrone. The title of her poems include, 'The Sperrin Mountains, 'Oak Lake, County Tyrone', and Haiku that paint a beautiful picture:

                                   ' Omagh from above

                                      a butterfly in full bloom

                                    Spredding her wings.'

Aine was raaised in Omagh and has three grown children, Michaela, Penny and James and held a Gra for poetry for as long as she can recall. 

" I started writing writing poetry when I was very young. I used to read ballad books belonging to my mother Mary Keys, it really started from that.

"it came about when I went to The Hogshead Writers group run by the late Damien Quinn who was a poet from Omagh. I was self taught and went to writers groups. I also joined the Derry Playhouse Writers and from that created the Omagh Busheaneys writers group and produced a booklet, 'Voices from the Hedgegrove' I contributed to that and have been published in magazines both here and the UK and the US. I find it very fufilling and have enjoyed writing poetry. I have been studying Celtic Mythology which facinating and like to visit the megalithic sites locally. I really love the Sperrins. If I want to write I often go to the Pigeon Top which is lovely on a good day, it's a quiet place to go and I am very inspired by it. Whatever comes to me at the time; I will express it through my writing. I try to get into the beauty of the North. Often I would study a topic and then write about it. When studying mythology I wrote 'Mise Eire'(I am Ireland), going through the mythology of Chu` Chullian, Tain Bo and other ancient stories.

The phrase 'labour of love' is a well worn cliche, but Aine's passion for for expressing her feel for Ireland, the local terrain and mythology flows through her poetry. It is little wonder she continues to find fufillment through learning and penning verse.

'Taken from an interview with the Herald reporter Ronin McSherry

 on Thursday September 4th 2008'




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Luciole Press review

Review by Karen Bowles editor of

“ Aine MacAodha is a poet whose words bring forth her inner light and fire. She is “The Fire of the Gaels,” for Aine herself is an Epic Hero, an ‘every woman’ who has lived through tumultuous times, troubles, and highs. Aine is a voice of both history and present. Her voice and memories serve as needed reminders of a time in Ireland that should not be forgotten, whilst also presenting a link to the history of Ireland and the future. As a poet, she reveals the trinity of the ‘Goddesses of the deep,’ the Mother, and the Friend in all of her poems. It has been my great pleasure to work with her both as an editor/publisher, and as a friend.

“ ~ Karen Bowles La Luciole Magazine, Luciole Press



Review date: 8/4/2008

Featured at,
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Books By Aine.~ Landscape of Self, and Where the Three Rivers Meet.

Books By Aine.~ Landscape of Self, and Where the Three Rivers Meet